Local 1

The Rise of America's Most
Powerful Teachers Union

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the documentary?

Sign up for updates on the film via our homepage and we'll notify you when we schedule a screening near you, the film airs on TV in your market area, or when it becomes available online.

Why make a documentary about the Chicago Teachers Union?

CTU is the third-largest teachers local in the country and the largest local union in Illinois. It is also cited as the vanguard for a new kind of militant political unionism that is spreading to school districts throughout the country. It is important to understand not only CTU's origin story, ideology, and political tactics, but the results of a school system that prioritizes union power over students and parents.

Was the CTU interviewed for the documentary?

Our team reached out to the Chicago Teachers Union several times to request that an official be made available for an interview. They did not return our requests. We interviewed several former members of the union, as well as a former CTU field representative.

Who is behind the documentary?

Funding for the film came from Illinois Policy Institute, and the film was produced by Homeroom Films LLC, an internal production team.

How were the interviewees selected?

Our team and dozens of others in the political and media arenas were consulted as to who would have a unique perspective on the Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago Public Schools, and education policy generally.